sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

Calpers gives up on the hedge fund dream

Financial Times Limited 2014, 16 September 2014

The California Public Employees' Retirement System's has announced that they will switch their hedge funds holding into a passive investment strategy as the annual returns of hedge funds underperformed the markets by over 3% this year.

quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

REMINDER: You Are 'Shockingly' Terrible At Investing

Sam Ro, 12 August 2014

Looking at the data, Richard Bernstein concludes that the average investor obtained a poor performance over the last 20 years.

sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

Why You Need A Second Opinion On Your Portfolio

Michael Chamberlain, 9 September 2011

The request of a second opinion is frequency practice in many areas, such as health, construction etc. .... Making smart choices is important to ensure that you have no regrets and have considered the best options. But it does not stop here, we also need to feel / know that our savings have the best conditions to growth and are secured. That is why the need to seek for a second opinion is essential.

domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Active management industry in bafflingly good health

Financial Times, John Authers, 5 May 2014

The growth in index funds are forcing active managers to move away from “index-hugging” and to become more “active” in their management.

quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2014

The Oracle of Omaha, Lately Looking a Bit Ordinary

New York Times, Jeff Sommer, 5 April 2014

Despite his impressive track record over a very long career, Warren Buffet has underperformed his benchmark index S&P 500 in four of the last five years. Moreover, Warren Buffet himself has given explicit instructions for his wife's trust to be managed passively.

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quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

The strange psychology of expectations

Sydney Finkelstein, BBC Capital, 6 March 2014

How we react to the unexpected may well have a lot to do with our success and our happiness…

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